Health Communication Links


Coalition for Health Communication

The Coalition for Health Communication is an inter organizational task force whose mission is to strengthen the identity and advance the field of health communication. The organization seeks to promote the integrity of and advance the field of health communication while assuring a focus on communication in those efforts, and while recognizing that health communication research and practice are conducted across numerous disciplines. Our own Dr. Tina Harris is the current Vice-Chair of the CHC.

CDC Center for Health Marketing

A gateway to communication practice and social marketing, the CDC Center for Health Marketing site offers access to free educational and best practices resources for creating and implementing marketing campaigns. The site contains info on all essential health marketing topics and is the access location for CDCynergy Lite, a free training tool designed to help health communications professionals build social marketing campaigns.

CDC Health Literacy Website

Launched in 2010 after a “tipping” point in the field of health literacy in response to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the CDC Health Literacy Website delivers information on current activities in health literacy research, practice and evaluation for public health. The site brings new and timely information about the CDC’s ongoing work at improving health literacy.

Health Communication Research Blog

Written by Michael Mackert, Ph.D., an Associate Professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations and School of Public Health at The University of Texas at Austin, the Health Communication Research Blog is a professionally curated and regularly updated blog covering health communication research. Mackert’s choice of publishing medium is appropriate considering his primary research focus is on the strategies that can be used in traditional and new digital media to provide effective health communication to low health literate audiences.

NCI Pink Book – Making Health Communication Programs Grow

The National Cancer Institute provides open web access to the book Making Health Communication Programs Grow. The text is an in-depth manual designed to bolster the effectiveness of any health communication program regardless of size, topic, geographic span, intended audience, or budget.

NCI document on Health Behavior Constructs and Research

This National Cancer Institute document provides definitions of major theoretical constructs employed in health behavior research, and information about the best measures of these constructs. This resource is designed for health behavior researchers in public health, health communications, nursing, psychology, and related fields.

Bringing Health Information the Community (Health Communication Research, Grants and Information by National Libraries of Medicine)

This National Network of Libraries of Medicine sponsored site covers community health related issues with a special focus on undeserved and economically disadvantaged communities. The site is a hub of recent news, and includes highlights on relevant research, health literacy technology, and grant and other funding opportunities.

ODPHP Health Communication Page

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion site stands out as a superb educational resource for health communication professionals and students. It offers online training modules covering communication, literacy, e-health, and the role of healthcare IT in improving health outcomes.

Healthy People 2010 Health Communication

Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Healthy People 2020 launched in 2010 with new goals, strategies, and partnerships. The site functions as an information center for the Healthy People directives, and provides information and opportunities for researchers, students, and other healthcare professionals.