Communication Strategies for Latino Audiences


SalazarDeveloping Web-Based Communication for Latino Audiences Featuring Silvia Inez Salazar (National Cancer Institute). A Series of Focused Video Briefings for Public Health Information Officers and Emergency/Risk Communicators.

This series of videos is edited from presentations by Silvia Inez Salazar (National Cancer Institute) to a live audience of risk communicators and public information officers at the University of Georgia, October 2008.



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SalazarBuilding Liaisons with Latino Communities: A series of focused video briefings for public health information officers and emergency/risk communicators.

The following series of videos were filmed at the University of Georgia with a live studio audience of public information officers and edited into thematic units. They feature the expertise of Leslie Rodriguez, Pierluigi Mancini, Rosa Solórzano, Natalie Hernandez and Lynn Beatty, all members of the Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia. While the target audience is Georgia’s public information/risk communication officers, we believe the topics and information to be relevant to a broader constituency. You can watch these videos sequentially, or focus on the topics of most interest.



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Additional Resources for Health Communication with Latino Audiences

Translation and Language Issues
This “More Than Words Toolkit” includes specific guidelines and recommendations for translation of health information. It comprises seven .pdfs on a range of topics.
This page, from Maximus/Center for Health Literacy, includes some resources and links about Health Literacy and Translation.
This is an annotated list of resources (print, video and online) that help health professionals write information at appropriate readability levels. It includes a section on Cultural & Cross-Cultural Resources with information on communicating with non-English background audiences.

Other Resources on Cross-Cultural Health Education and Communication
This is a link to a published article by Silvia Salazar: Buki, Lydia P., Salazar, Silvia I., & Pitton, Viviana O. (2008). Design elements for the development of cancer education print materials for a Latino/a audience. Health Promotion Practice.
These two sites from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality are in Spanish. They are recommendations for how to get better medical attention and how to be prepared to talk with your doctor, including recommended questions.
This is the Texas Medical Association’s list of Spanish-language health sites. Though not complete, it does have some national and Texas health information that may be helpful to link to.
This is a one-page .pdf in Spanish explaining what immunizations should be done when.

Fotonovelas/Photonovellas for Health Communication
This website has information on how to create Fotonovelas—it has how-to guides as well as .pdf examples of health-related “photo-novellas.”

This is a link to a published article: Nimmon, L. & Begoray, D. (2008). Creating participatory photonovels in the classroom: A practical guide. Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal. 2(3), 174-178


Silvia Salazar’s Presentation on en español

This presentation provides information on the development and implementation of the website in Spanish (.pdf)