HealthTcrBan Strategy in Health, Risk, and Crisis Communication

Our researchers come from different backgrounds and fields of study. We believe that the diversity of voices combined with the rigor and integrity of UGA as a research institution makes us well prepared to develop health communication strategies for a changing world.



operational-excellence Health Communication Training and Testing

Today’s field of health communications looks very different thanks to technological advances in how we communicate. Health communication professionals must be skilled creators and navigators of digital media in response to an increasingly digital populace.



focus groupHealth Communication Research, Planning, and Design

We believe that a well executed health communication campaign can reach critical populations and improve the overall health of a community. Whether the goal is to increase general health literacy, lower the incidence of a risky behavior, or to glean valuable health information from a population, the CHRC team brings their expertise and energy into the creation of effective health campaigns.



21831275 Message Effectiveness Evaluation

Measuring the impact of a health communication campaign is easier with the growing number of platforms and metrics available online and through mobile internet access. CHRC can help navigate multiple channels in order to hone in on the measurable human impact of a campaign.



Surveys and Focus Groups



head-ideas Message Testing, Campaign Evaluation, and Audience Analysis

An effective health message must bridge differences in demographics, education, and dispositions without erasing them. Planning with your audience in mind improves outcomes. Measuring those outcomes effective lets better messages evolve. 





virtualnurse  Virtual Reality and Eye Tracking Labs

CHRC is one of a handful of communications programs that has access to eye tracking labs, a critical and emerging technology in the study of health communications. We are pioneers in studying the intersection between technology and health communications.